Results & Benefits

Contributing to your triple bottom line

Wireless Industrial Technologies strives to deliver results which reflect our clients’ triple bottom line. Our sensors deliver both financial and environmental benefits by:

  • Reducing energy use
  • Reducing green house gas emissions
  • Avoiding anode effects and related staff and material costs

As energy prices rise and green house gas emissions become undergo regulation, it is important for aluminum, copper, and zinc producers to reduce energy use and GHG production. Not only will this result in substantial economic savings, it will also reduce the environmental impact of production: something everyone can agree upon today.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of WIT sensors.

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Proven efficacy

A 2011 4-month study of installed WIT sensors indicated that the sensors successfully predicted 17 of 20 anode effects. The sensors provided warnings to plant operators on average 12 minutes before the beginning of the anode effect- plenty of time for staff to intervene and stop the process. With readings every second, our sensors monitor production 24/7 and send automatic alerts to plant operators in the event of early warning signs.

Beyond the anode effect

In addition to predicting the occurrence of anode effects, WIT anticipates the following potential benefits and uses of our sensors:

  •  Improved current efficiency
  • Lower cell voltage
  • Early detection of poorly set anodes, anode burn-off, anode cracking
  • Monitoring current pick-up by new anodes